Digital Illustration and Client Based Projects

Window Display for Omoi Zakka Shop in Philadelphia, PA

Holiday card for Illustrating Progress, Winter 2022

Poster Design for Risograph Printing for the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Popup Studio Takeaway Coloring

Riso printing with Claire at Pet Riso

Testing out colors and adding plants
Popup studio event at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Personal Project - Snack Print Series
Risograph Digital Mockup (3 layer color separation)

Risograph Printed at Tiny Splendor Press

Image courtesey of Omoi Zakka Shop, Risograph printed by Cowboy Press

Personal Project - a zine about making a mug
Risograph Digital Mockup (3 layer color separation)
My contribution to Comicky 2: a second helping of never-before seen comic books!, organized by Amze Emmons and Joseph Lupo
Zine reveal, January 2022

Risograph printed by Cowboy Press

Fob Holder Picnic graphic for Second State Press

Noodle, Pet Portrait

Cookie & Miwa, Pet Potrait
Laika, Pet Portrait