Let’s Eat! (a picnic)
50” x 51”
3 plate copper intaglio etching, stitched on hosho paper, handmade mulberry paper, and handmade lama li paper
Artist Proof 1/1
Each individual plate = 4.5”x5”
Let's Eat! (a picnic) is a print installation and art object made up of 132 hand pulled and stitched copper etchings of hybridized Chinese American cuisine.  These layered etchings are based upon annual celebrations of Chinese New Year with my adopted China group and a visit to San Francisco's Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory.  The sizing of the final quilt-like structure is in reference to an standard American picnic blanket.
By appropriating Chinese motifs through an Americanized lens, my work challenges the notion naturalization and dissociation.  It represents a disconnect and deprivation of direct ethnic Chinese culture.  I see this work in conversation with Transplanted and my potential biological family living in China.  
The Let's Eat! series was produced while in residence at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley California.  A miniature version of Let's Eat! (a picnic) is now a part of Kala's permanent collection.  It will be on display at Kala's Artist Annual, at the Kala Art Gallery, opening January 2019.

Let's Eat! (a picnic) mini v. 1

Let's Eat! (a picnic) mini v.2