Let’s Eat! (placemat v.1)
7.5” x 15.75”
Copper intaglio etching, stitched on okwara
Artist Proof 1/1
From a larger plate 12” x 18”
Let’s Eat! (placemat v. 2)
8.5” x 12.25”
Copper intaglio etching, stitched on okawara
Artist Proof 1/1
From Larger plate 12” x 18”
Let's Eat! (placemats) refer to Americanized Chinese food restaurant's placemats and the Chinese lunar calendar.  These placemats mimic Let's Eat! (a picnic)'s stitching.  All of the placemats are monoprints, fragile, and one of a kind.  The text has intentionally been eliminated from each placemat to force viewers to create their own definitions and traits for each animal and cycle.  I see this work is in conversation with my other print installation, A Complete Cycle.