F is for Family

Sunset at Mount Pollux

About Love

I have always had an appreciation for postcards and airmail; I tend to write them to friends everywhere I go. Blank Postcards To My Sister, is representative of the feelings of loss, grief, memories, and trauma. Each postcard is hand printed from a linoleum block with a unique navy blue black ink over a found surface or image that holds significant importance to me. The dark navy blue black ink evokes emotions of the five stages of grief and loss, whereas the colorful backgrounds symbolize specific periods of my life. Each postcard’s title corresponds to the imagery beneath the linoleum block and alludes to the message I would write to my sister. However, none of the postcards contain messages, each postcard is left blank intentionally because of my current lack of words. During the making of each print, I thought of each surface as a starting point to begin a dialogue between my sister and I.