Various sizes
Adoption documents printed on kozo paper
April 2018
12” x 48” scroll
Pen on okawara paper, hand stitched
March 2018
The reproduction of the original documents associated with my adoption and return to China reflect my transition from Chinese to American citizenship and emphasize the inherent privilege of growing up as a child in the United States.  The labels from the Adoption Files installation are reminiscent of the circumstances of my own adoption and place my work in conversation with these documents.  The documents of Naturalization/Dissociation serve as a visual timeline of my own life from a government perspective; the reproduction attempts to further discuss the Chinese government’s policies on censorship, confidentiality, and legality.
Each official government document has been scanned and printed on kozo paper, and some images have been manipulated in photoshop.  Printed on traditional mulberry paper Naturalization/Dissociation shares materiality with the handmade zodiac scrolls, which are also printed on okawara and mulberry paper.  These documents, Naturalization/Dissociation serve as a point of entry for viewers along with the mind map, Transplanted, a handmade scroll depicting the complicated relationship between my work, my adoption, childhood, and the one-child policy politics. Collectively these works attempt to connect the political, social, and personal aspects of my adoption.