Stitched questions the relationship amongst the pharmaceutical industries, the consumers of such birth control products, the effects of hormonal birth control on its users, and the intersection of birth control with the reproductive justice movement. The project stemmed from my own experience taking birth control and the side effects I experienced from the hormones. By collecting the empty birth control packets, my work begins to consider the accessibility and personal choice aspect of such contraceptive products. Donors are encouraged to speak out about their own personal experiences +/-.  
These packets have been hand stitched using a red thread into a flag formation, which is still growing.

All birth control packets were found or donated for this project.  I am still collecting birth control packets, please contact me if you would like to donate to this project.
If you would like to participate in a voluntary survey about your experience taking the pill, visit this google form.  All responses are voluntary & information will be kept confidential.